Question about Upgrading to Leopard


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Dec 4, 2005
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If I buy Leopard and install it on my PowerBook G4, can I take the Tiger disk that came with that computer and use it to upgrade my iMac G4 (Panther) to Tiger?

...and by "...can I..." I mean will it work and would it be a violation of any licensing terms?


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Sep 30, 2005
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Good question. I can honestly say I dont know for sure, but I dont see why not. Most EULA (license agreements) allow for one install instance only. Which in your case you would be doing. Also I am pretty sure Apple does not tie a specific OS to a specific piece of hardware. So, legally I think you would be fine.

Here is the kicker though. Some install discs will only work on the hardware they were shipped with. All you can do is try and it will let you know if it will install.


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Jun 20, 2007
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The discs that come with your computer are specially "fit" for that model. It will most likely tell you that it's incompatible.


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Sep 23, 2007
would it be a violation of any licensing terms?
Flipping to the second page of my "SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR MAC OS X", there is an indication that "Apple System Restore Copies... to be used for diagnostic and restorative purposes only... may be resold or transferred only as part of the Apple hardware bundle."

Whether you can be required to agree to some or all terms of this license, and therefore might violate them, is a question that may not have been tested in your jurisdiction - and my money says the answer in UCITA Maryland, for example, is going to be very different from Germany. As a term provided in a contract after exchange of consideration (i.e. not supplied for agreement until after you paid), it'll need more than a reply by Anonymous on a forum to determine your legal standing :cool:.

A simpler answer might come down to whether you wish to respect Apple's request in light of your knowledge now and at time of purchase.

[Edit: implicit clarification that you might be bound by some terms but not all.]


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Oct 24, 2007
You can always reinstall it from the original iLife or recovery disks that came with your computer.
the thing is thath I loste my ilife 06 disk is there any other way ....wath if I coppy my apps on a ext.hd??

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