Question about upgrading Win7 from XP on MPB

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by darkadun, Jan 22, 2010.

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    Jan 22, 2010
    Ok, I've done research and still confused on this whole thing. The whole OEM License of windows is confusing. So here is the situation. Years ago, before boot camp, we needed to run Windows for a few different appys, so a friend of mine built us 2 small shuttle systems for our business with OEM versions of XP. Those should be valid licenses as they were sold to us, the end user.

    We don't use those comps anymore, but I'm wondering if I can use those versions to qualify for a upgrade. We have 2 15" macbook pro's we want to install win7 on.

    Will the upgrade work for this? or is it not valid since it will be on a different machine?
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    Dec 5, 2007
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    I don't see how you can upgrade from XP to Windows 7 in the first place without a reinstall. It's not possible.

    Secondly, OEM is a system builders license, its technically licensed to the system it's installed on, not the user. If its not installed on the shuttles, technically you can use it on the MBP. However, not owning the systems don't make the license available again, only uninstalled from the computer.
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    Jan 22, 2010
    So, if I bought a upgrade then, it has to be installed on the computer with the existing OEM system, even if it does a clean install?
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    Using the "upgrade" option is never a good idea anyway. It can take twice as long as a clean install (depending on how many programs/files you have) and then some programs will get confused and not work correctly, so you spend hours tracking down a bug for one program. On top of all this, you lose hard drive space with a large Windows.old folder. As a rule of thumb, back up anything important and always do a clean install. You'll thank yourself later.
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    Jan 22, 2010
  6. LiquidSpikes macrumors regular


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    I used a Windows 7 upgrade disk fine....

    :cool: I installed the upgrade verison of 7 no problem on my Macbook Pro SR...

    I didn't even upgrade a previous version...

    All I did was install Windows 7 twice... you install it once without using a product key, (Leave the field blank...) once the install finishes it will then ask you to activate Windows within 30 days... ignore it... just drop in your snow leopard DVD, install boot camp and all your drivers... then put in your Windows 7 setup disk again, this time run the setup from within your Windows 7 install (Not booting from your DVD). run the "upgrade" installation.

    After the "upgrade" from Windows 7... to errr ummm... Windows 7.... It will then let you finish activation ;)

    Pretty stupid... but it worked for me :D
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    Jan 22, 2010
    haha, nice
  8. JessicaD macrumors newbie

    Jun 3, 2009

    You can perform a clean install from a Windows 7 upgrade version however you will have to have a valid previous copy of Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows Vista installed to validate the upgrade and activate the product key. Please note that when migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 you will not have an "in place upgrade" option. You will however have the option to select "custom" install when prompted. The Windows 7 install process will then copy all of your data in "My Documents" over to a Windows.old folder within Windows 7 itself. All applications and documents stored in other locations will have to be reinstalled / transferred manually.
    For more information on the Windows 7 Upgrade, please go here:

    For additional assistance with the migration of Windows XP to Windows 7, please go here:

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
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    JessicaD, no offense, but I almost reported you as a spammer. A newbie claiming to represent Microsoft posting cryptic links. Who knows where those links go when you use tinyurl and Is it so hard to copy/paste in the addresses directly to

    While you absolutely need a previous qualifying license to qualify for the upgrade, it has been shown time and again that the installer doesn't actually check for this at all. Ever. So to say that:
    is disingenuous at best. Paul Thurrott and others have shown that you can install an upgrade version on a blank drive and activate it.

    Face it, Windows licensing is an overcomplicated mess, but please don't represent it as more complicated than it actually is.


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