Question about using Google calendars with Yosemite Calendar

Discussion in 'OS X Yosemite (10.10)' started by acousticbiker, Mar 29, 2015.

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    I just installed 10.10.3. I have two Google calendars that don't show up on the calendar list along the left hand side of the Yosemite Calendar app but do show up under the 'Window' menu. When I select one of them, it creates an additional Calendar app window with only that Google calendar showing. In 10.10.2, I had all of them show up in the same window. Is there a way I can do this in 10.10.3? I've got 'Calendar' selected under 'Window' and have tried selecting 'Bring All to Front' but that didn't work.
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    I know this is not the answer you asked for but I've got to say it.

    For any of you that keep trying to make Apple's Calendar, Mail, and Contacts work seamlessly with non-Apple cloud services, you should stop now unless you like the challenge of continuously troubleshooting. It's not all Apple's fault though. The same goes if you are on Windows 8.1 and try to get the Mail, Calendar, and Contacts apps to work with your non-Microsoft cloud accounts. The problem is that Google, Apple, and Microsoft all seem to want to support "standards" on their own terms and with their own tweaks that make complete compatibility a never-ending issue.

    So, the simple answer is that if you want Google's services to work correctly on either Mac or Windows then you should just use the Gmail or Google Apps for Business Web interface instead of native client applications. The modern web interfaces for Microsoft's and Google's Gmail and Apps are great.

    The odd thing is that you CAN set up your iOS device to use Apple, Microsoft, or Google accounts and the native applications work great. I'm not sure why Apple can get it right on iOS but not on Mac OS.
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    I use multiple google calendars (OS X 10.10.3 beta, iOS 8.3 beta) and it works flawlessly.

    If I go to "Windows" and select a calendar then only that one shows. Clicking "Bring All To Front" appears to do nothing. If I select "Calendar' (cmd-0) then they all show again as normal.

    However, now I've done that, it reverts back to just the one calendar each time I open it. That'll teach me for trying to be helpful :)

    Edit: Deleting iCal preferences and rebooting solved the issue. BAck to showing all calendars on opening. It might have only needed the reboot, but I like deleting things ...
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    You left out the part about having to deal with quirks and troubleshooting even if you use the latest Mac OS and iOS versions with the latest Mac and iOS hardware! Either way you win!

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