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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by sportguy0913, Jul 4, 2009.

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    I used iMovie for the first time today. Took videos with my Kodak Zi6 camcorder, and put them on my new MacBook Pro 13" w nVidia 9400m and 4gb ddr3 ram... with all the clips organized into a project, I finished my project and saved to desktop so I can then burn it to DVD... well it is taking 3 hours to do so (already took two, and now one left). Is this normal? I chose HD cause the Zi6 is an HD camcorder and we have an HDTV.) My first question is, can I burn to a DVD? It is 45 min long. Do I have to burn it to a BluRay if I chose HD? Cause I don't have bluray. will it work on regular DVD? Second, is it normal to take 3 hours?

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    HD does take long. (don't know if it's as long as with you)

    I heard you can make a DVD that has HD, but you need a blu-ray player to play those discs. A regular dvd player won't read it.
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    Imovie transcodes to AIC so you can edit it. Kind of like high quality standard definition. HD video takes a strong computer to cruch the data. The more cores, the better. I moved from a iMac to a mac pro when I edit AVCHD video's from my SR11. Your MB will do it, but just takes longer. Not sure if your camcorder lets you cut out clips but the less you import, the less time it will take. Like posted earlier, if you want HD, you will have to buy a bluray player and software to edit it. Am hoping apple updates all of the editing software this fall to edit HD natively.
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    Serious burn time on a regular basis is not a great idea on a laptop burner.
    I'd get an external one or you'll be having to replace the optical drive in the MB
    before long.

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