Question after Iphone 6s "pay in full" option

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by passingapple, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. passingapple macrumors member

    Jul 7, 2012
    What happens after one pays in full from any of the 4 carriers?

    Can I immediately switch to a different carrier or not have any phone plan from any carrier from the day one? Or do I get tied down to the selected carrier for a certain period of time (maybe 1-3 months?) and its phone plan before I can drop the phone plan, have it completely unlocked and go rogue?

    Not that I will buy iphone 6s to have a unlocked Wi-Fi super mini ipad, but for the argument sake, let's say that's what I want in the beginning. Meaning no cellular plan + completely unlocked to be able to purchase any pre-paid plan from any carrier (as long as its band is supported) from the day one and for however long and often as I want.

    I'd assume that since I pay the full upfront, should I choose, I should be able to do this from day one. And choosing one of the 4 carriers at apple store to buy is just to choose GSM or CDMA model, a mere formality. But I get the sense that I may be being naive and there may be a bit more red tapes, no matter what carrier I choose?

    Also I get the sense that level of ease of doing this may be different from the 4 carriers. In other words, the level of ease would be T-mobile>AT&T>Verizon>Sprint. But I feel like even with T-mobile, supposedly the easiest, I might be forced to purchase their cellular plan initially for a short period of time before I can request to have it unlocked and drop its plan. And possibly worse with other carriers. Am I wrong here?

    Let me know.
  2. jonesjb macrumors member

    Dec 20, 2009
    I'm curious to know this too!
  3. spazma7ik macrumors 6502a

    Sep 12, 2009
    I'm pretty sure you need a carrier account to preorder an iPhone 6S/Plus
  4. Berzerker7 macrumors member

    Jul 12, 2015
    You do not. Paying in full will not require account information.

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