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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mikentosh2003, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. mikentosh2003, Sep 9, 2013
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    :eek: I'm an idiot. I finally forced my lazy butt to finish a 'project' thats been sitting in a box, in pieces for 3 or 4 years. An '07 MBP 15" a1226 that needed a bottom tray and crack screen replaced. The bottom section is basically 'done' waiting for me to put the new screen in and finish up. Hours later I can see the finish line of 2 hinges and a few cable to attach to the bottom and....I notice a piece I must've forgotten! I'm exausted + disgusted with my dumbass. And this thing has been sitting in pieces for so long, I can hardly remember taking it apart. Dealing with all the screws 4yrs on,. has just been a delight.
    I can't remember taking this part off. I've looked at the screen assembly and bottom section and don't see anything obviously missing. Probably staring me in the face. I can't even remember what this piece is. Sorta looks like an iSight camera, but the 'lense' is solid black. I'll stick a pic of it at the bottom. I couldnt find it in the ifixit manuals I used. I'm thinking it might be a stray part that came still attached to the used bottom tray I bought as replacement. I could finish putting it together with my fingers crossed, start tearing the bottom section apart, or post the dumbest question ever, then go take a nap....

    "Would some kind person tell me what this part is?"

    I'm hoping for someone to say "The 2007 a1226 didn't have that part, go back to sleep" :)
    Thanks- Mike

    edit: Thanks very much for the help! I must have lost those memory cells regarding this part...lost 'em in a pint of beer...Thanks again


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    Eyesight camera? A guess's not an IR as they didn't come with them then...Best guess..anyone else?
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    Looks like 2007 15" Pro did indeed have an IR-board (part no 922-7195):

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    Based on this it is a part of the Lower case, near where the trackpad lays.

    Step 33 of this iFixit guide shows the unplugging of the cable (but not the removal of the IR board itself)

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