question concerning 2nd-hand iphone and applecare?

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    Hi Folks,

    Apologies if this has been covered before but i wasnt able to come up with anything completely conclusive in my searching.
    I have an original iPhone, and the earpiece has stopped working. ive tried just about every trick on the internet, and its definitely a defective earpiece.
    I got the phone from a coworker who upgraded to the 3G when it came out. Ive had it ever since. Coworker has since moved back to the east coast though.
    The phone has extended applecare until April of 2010. The phone is still being used on AT&T, so im curious, even though im not the original owner can I still take it to the Apple store and have it fixed? Would they even still fix a 2G or just replace it with a 3G? I have jailbroken the phone but I know I need to restore it to original settings and all that before taking it in. I'm mostly just looking to know if I can still get it fixed despite not being the original owner (and hence, not in possession of the applecare paperwork or original sales receipt) or if I'm SOL.

    Thanks for your time everyone,

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    Applecare is transferrable. You may need to have the original owner fax/e-mail Apple to let them know of the change of ownership (some seem to have no problems when this is not done) and then obviously restore the phone and you should be fine.

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