Question for cyclists: How steep is this grade (biking-wise)?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by GanChan, Sep 28, 2014.

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    I'm thinking about getting a bicycle that I can take up and down my street to various shops, restaurants, etc. One-way, the route extend just under 3 miles. The elevation drops by about 100 feet for the first 2 miles, then rises 50 feet for the final mile. (I'll be traveling it both ways, of course.)

    What rates/grades/inclines do these numbers indicate? Would they be considered challenging for a (non-athletic) beginning rider? Would I do well to invest in a 3-speed or better, or is a single-speed likely to do the trick?
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    You might get a better response at Lots of help too
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    slope = rise / run
    slope% = 100 * ( rise / run )

    1 mi = 5280 ft
    2 mi = 10,560 ft
    100 ft / 2 mi = 100 / 10,560 = 0.0095 = less than 1%
    50 ft / 1 mi = 50 / 5280 = 0.0095 = less than 1%
    I would not consider 1% to be a significant grade. Whether it works for you with a one-speed depends entirely on you. I think only you can determine this, mainly because "non-athletic" is too vague. At a minimum, you could probably borrow or rent a bike and see for yourself how it rides.

    You also need to consider that over time you're likely to become more fit, so what seems hard at first will become easier. And you may well want to take your bike other places in the future. Buying for right now or even a month from now is usually a mistake.

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