Question for people with a 2G iPod touch whose screens "creak"...

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Ivan P, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. Ivan P macrumors 68030

    Ivan P

    Jan 17, 2008
    #1 many of you use the inbuilt speaker regularly?

    I was thinking about it earlier tonight, as my new iPod touch, which was perfect and suffered absolutely no problems out of the box, suddenly started getting the horrible screen-creaking issue reported by many people - and which my last 2G suffered. As with most, if not all reported cases, the main offender was the bottom, left-hand corner.

    It got me wondering. I use the speaker regularly, and at somewhat high volumes (but rarely ever at the full limit).

    It would make a lot of sense if it was actually the speaker causing the screen to come slightly loose - the louder the volume gets, the more the iPod vibrates, which would no doubt cause some things to move around slightly. In addition to this, the speaker is clearly located at the bottom of the iPod, inside the dock connector, so that is where the majority of the vibrating takes place (and from experience from the three iPod touch's I've had that have exhibited the problem, the creaking screen becomes more unnoticeable the closer I got to the top of the unit, and the further away from the speaker). Finally, some sound also escapes through the headphone jack. This, of course, is located on the right hand side of the device. Assuming that, as the sound primarily comes from the dock connector, the speaker is in the centre of the device meaning that the vibration caused by the sound is distributed evenly along the bottom of the iPod. On the right hand side, the sound is released through the headphone jack, thus decreasing the amount of vibration. There is nowhere for the sound to escape on the left-hand side, however, so the amount of vibration increases, causing the bottom, left-hand corner of the screen to become looser than any other part.

    Thoughts? :p
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    Nov 10, 2007
    I returned my last ipod in part because of the creaky bottom left corner problem.

    You may be right about the vibration from the speaker but...

    A while back I took a look at some pics of the internals of the ipod touch on ifixit and noticed that the unlike the other three corners, the bottom left does not have any components that are really raised, and so there is a black "bumper" that wraps around the corner.
    I was thinking that maybe the pressure from hitting the home button and just holding on to the iPT at the bottom maybe sunk the black bumper down and that caused the problem.

    Just a thought, but I really don't know, as this problem only seems to happen to some iPT units and not others.

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