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Discussion in 'HomeKit, HomePod, CarPlay, Home & Auto Technology' started by malizivko, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. malizivko macrumors member

    May 4, 2012
    I know HomeKit is not supporting Nest cameras, but i do have a question about recording. Do all Nest cameras record 24/7 or you can set it up to record only where there is an motion. I am looking to get several cameras + doorbell, but and i am afraid that 24/7 upload will totaly eat my internet limit??
  2. Newtons Apple macrumors Core

    Newtons Apple

    Mar 12, 2014
    Jacksonville, Florida
    Next cameras record 24/7 while turned on. You select and pay for the length of time you want to save. I have 5 cameras, 4 at the house and 1 at the office. You need good Internet and lots of it. If not one camera will bog down your household connection.

    It is way cheaper than a security system so I dropped them.

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