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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Megalobyte, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Megalobyte macrumors 6502a

    Dec 30, 2007
    I like the looks of the Ivolution, it's sort of neat how you get to choose your color combination, and I picked one out that really pleases me. But, when you look at the pics, and I see this in lots of well made cases, it seems like the cases are left open at the top and corners, making for a vulnerability if the phone were dropped on a corner or on its top.

    It appears one side of the top of the Vaja case is longer than the other, and I suppose would offer some protection, but for $100, I want to make sure the phone is fully protected from the top, and all corners, my incase slider obviously does this, I'd hate to pay $100 and wait a month only to find the Vaja won't give me the peace of mind the much cheaper incase slider does.

    So, any of you Vaja owners, is there any way the phone could hit the floor and impact a corner or the top of the phone, despite the raised lip of the case?

    Thanks, Ari
  2. Bawstun macrumors 65816


    Jun 25, 2009
    Yes, there's a chance your phone could get damage if your phone fell JUST the right way. But it'd be a 5% chance IMO. It would have to land RIGHT on the corner with the camera. It'd have to nail that one corner completely head on. If you were to drop your phone any other way - even the screen, it's protected.

    My own personal experience...

    I was walking into work one day, texting, looked up and saw a coworker. As I was walking I didn't notice that I wasn't at the lowered part of the curb where people enter the building, but still at the RAISED section of the cement. My foot hit the curb and I went flying. I instinctively put my hands out in front of me to break my fall. Unfortunately I was still holding the phone and it slid along the cement with my hands a good foot or two, with the screen side on the cement!

    The case? Scratched to all hell. The metal vaja logo has scrapes all over it. The leather case itself has a huge scrape mark where it was dragged along the pavement. My hand had a good size hole in it from a pebble burning through it (which later got infected and needed to visit ER, but that's another story ;) ). But the bottom line is the screen was FINE. No cracking, no scratching. The "lip" of the leather completely protected the phone's screen from sliding on pavement, with the weight of my body. I have also droped it a few times from a standing position and the phone is still flawless.

    So, there's always a chance it could land just the right way and break. But I personally love the vaja cases and am currently complating buying another as a replacement for the cement-worn one.
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    Los angeles
    I am on my 3rd case.

    Only thing i would suggest is staying away from the soft leather ones'
    they tend to get dirty and ware easyier.

    I love the cases there last two were the limited black and red.
    Love them.

    before that was a custom but the soft leather got me got dirty easy.

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