Question for wedding DJ's, this is a complete shot in the dark : /

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by chrono1081, Mar 21, 2011.

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    Hi guys,

    What I am about to ask is a complete shot in the dark but I'm hoping someone can help.

    My sister and her fiance decided not to hire a DJ and that they were just going to play music from their iPod at the reception (stupid idea if you ask me but whatever).

    Anyway I asked if the equipment at wherever they were having the reception would hook to an iPod, they didn't know. I was wondering for DJ equipment like speakers and such do they normally connect to something like an iPod? I understand equipment may vary but this is all of the info I have to go on : / Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    They decided to wait until the last second (wedding is on friday and its a destination wedding) to ask this.
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    you might need an adapter, but if they have any sort of standard sound board, it's doable. I'm not a DJ, but I have worked with sound equipment before.
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    call the venue and see what they have, if anything. if they have a standard mixing board (ask them for make and model), chances are good you'd be able to plug into a pair of mono channels.

    you'd likely want a cable, acting as an adapter, 1/8" stereo male on the ipod dock end to 2x 1/4" mono male on the board end.

    the cable would likely have a thin white stripe on the cable to indicate right channel. you'd plug into adjacent channels on the board, let's say 3/4, and pan channel 3 all the way left and channel 4 all the way right.

    ipod volume shouldn't be at max, but somewhere around 80% for a good signal-to-noise ratio. if the board has input trims, leave them at zero, and put the channel faders at zero. use the board mains to control volume in the space. if the channels have a mic/line switch, make sure it's set to line.

    if any led's are showing red, that's bad. if it's at the channel level, you may have to turn down the faders.

    your sister should consider herself lucky if the venue has gear at all. she may have trouble renting on such short notice. good luck!
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    yeah I agree with zimv20....

    if the hall doesn't have a system but usually they have some small PA speakers you should be ok and yeah if they don't have a sound board you're going to be SOL...

    If I were you I check NOW and if the hall can't cater to your needs you're going to have to rent speakers and soundboard... I'm assuming you're in the US and guitar center is your best bet. GL!
  5. Auszero macrumors member

    Jul 18, 2009
    For $100 she should be able to rent some self powered speakers and tripods with something called a DI that will keep the setup real simple and sound good. Any local sound or a/v company should have something. If youre in the bay area I would gladly help you out.
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    Thanks guys! My sister was supposed to send me pictures but she never did so...oh well. Not my problem anymore.

    They all arrived in Arizona, I'm still in Pennsylvania and have no clue where they are having this wedding so I can't go look.

    Oh well too bad so sad :p
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    Apr 25, 2011
    That is seriously a very bad idea as you said, it will surely not work out. A wedding happens only once in a lifetime, so make sure that it becomes a successful party. It is better to hire professional wedding DJ and let him handle things. Internet is the best place to find affordable and good wedding DJ.

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