[Question + Help] Lion clean install + Time Machine Backup.

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by tongteh, Sep 11, 2011.

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    Aug 16, 2008
    Hello all,

    I have been on my Mac for about 3years now from Leopard -> S. Leopard -> Lion so I would assume lots of junk must have lay around from those years.

    I have done a complete backup of my system and I have also completed a clean installation of Lion. I would very much like to avoid bringing back any problems I had before to my new clean install, but I am finding some trouble with it. :(

    I have completed a full backup on my Time Machine, but here's what I want to do:
    1) Restore my application (those that I want)
    2) Restore my iTunes library, apps, iPhone backups, and everything
    3) Restore my mail (to avoid downloading all those mails again and all those account settings)
    4) Restore Safari bookmarks, extension and etc.
    5) Restore general application data (Calendar, Contacts and etc)

    Those are the main things I wish to recover so that my life can continue as normal. ;) I am trying to avoid using migration assistance because I read that some people said that it will restore the problems that came with it before.

    What I have done so far:
    1) I went into the time machine's application directory and choose those apps/softwares I want and drag it into the new Applications directory on my Mac HD. I noticed some installation app stop working, namely Microsoft Office 11, iLife 11, and etc.
    2) I used migration assistance to restore some folder thinking it might not cause harm because they are mainly just files and folders, but I could be wrong. However, I was prompt with some username issues asking me to change username. Folders that I have restored are documents, downloads, dropbox, pictures, music, and movies.

    What I found from migration restoration is that it appears to have created another account (both admin) on my mac now. I am not sure why, that was not my intention to do so. I might have done something wrong along the way. Now the new account I created have all the contacts, email, calendar intact but however it is running extremely slow and buggy. I would like to have a new start!

    I have a feeling I am still a long way from the complete job, but I am working towards it, yet there is so much I don't know. Could anyone here shed some light or provide some assistance please. So what could I do to restore those settings and application mentioned above.

    Thank you so much!!!
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    Aug 16, 2008
    Just a quick update:
    As I mentioned earlier, I did the migration restoration for some folder (pictures, musics, movies, etc). It appears I might have restore some system junk files along with it, but I am not sure. Can someone verify it?

    What happened was that my clean install haven't got Adobe Flash install into it yet, however somehow from the migration restore I appeared to have migrated Flash into it. More strangely, I reinstall my Mac Office 2011 but haven't yet enter any serial key. After the migration restore, somehow the key is entered.

    I am worry now that I might have restore some unwanted stuff back to my clean install. :( Could someone verify?

    I have install most of my frequent apps by now, still on the list is:
    1) iCal haven't been restore
    2) Mail
    3) Safari bookmarks and etc
    4) Extensions and Plugins

    Almost there!

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