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Sep 2, 2015
I really want to play this game in depth it’s a cross Between, Zelda, Diablo 3, and The Witcher and the graphics art and Gameplay are the best Ive ever experienced on a game it’s Xbox 360 quality. That being said it’s a Chinese Spyware data mining tool they don’t let you LogIn or start the game unless they get your AppleID, or Facebook, or Google ID, whatever you don’t give it to them create a shell account that’s my advice. So I really want to play it using my Switch Pro controller on my iPad Pro how ? Please help also below is a video of the game skip to 5:43 to avoid all the Youtuber Intros and begging for Subscribers commentary.



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Nov 30, 2015
PS4 controllers work and all you have to do is press the Pairing button and then find it in the iOS settings for bluetooth. Super easy to do and it "just works" under games that support external controllers.
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