Question: How to play all songs by an artist


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Dec 29, 2012
Hello everyone,

It seems every time apple releases a new ios I have to figure out a work around for playing an artist's entire discography (ideally in order). Usually this isn't too difficult to figure out, but I'm stumped this time around. I know there is the option to shuffle all songs by an artist, but when I unshuffle them it plays all songs in alphabetical order across albums rather than what would be the next song from the album. Does anyone know a work around for this? I have a decent sized library of more than 16,000 songs so creating a playlist isn't really ideal. TIA!


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May 16, 2015
I have done some research and fail to find workaround to fulfil your requirement. I can only assume this is theoretically impossible.
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Jun 11, 2015
Only way I have been able to play album after album by the same artist is to 3D Touch the second album and chose play later. Then do the same for any other album you want to add. It's a pain. But it works.
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Jul 14, 2007
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The only way to accomplish this now is by starting from the Song view. You used to be able to tap the Artists image from the main artist page and it would do it and before that simply having the repeat button on would do it no matter how you started listening to a album or song.

I used to cycle through album after album when listening to my music of any given artist and don't like that it was taken away from the music app since Apple Music was introduced.
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Jul 6, 2009
Late on the bandwagon here, but also voicing displeasure on this, and I did leave Apple Feedback. We need back the play all albums feature. It's an essential piece of functionality. I used that ALL THE TIME. Now I have to create tons of playlists for that.