Question in regards to Pages and iWeb.

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by DeSnousa, Aug 8, 2006.

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    Hey guys, I have a major problem. I'm working on posters and naturally I have been using Pages for its simplicity, well I thought it would be simple to use. So now I have been using iWeb which I much prefer to use because its easy to move images and text around the 'canvas' to create a desired look.

    So now I have some posters that I need to have printed in a .PDF file from iWeb. I know you can print in iWeb and within the print pane can 'save as a PDF', however the end product is nothing like the html iWeb produces. Is there some way, any way (either in iWeb, the web browser, etc) to export the gorgeous html files to PDF as it looks while retaining the highest quality possible?

    If not I will need to use Pages and as I explained in the beginning of the post, Pages will not move images and text around the 'canvas'. Is there something I missing in Pages?

    Any ideas on an app that has iWeb's simplicity, that can be used to create PDF files for print?

    Here is an example of what I am on about with the html file vs the PDF that I have managed to create.

    html link and link for PDF

    Thanks alot for any input :)

    PS keep in mind that I what the highes quality possible.
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    For starters every image that you put into Pages is going to get compressed down to 72 ppi resolution, not even close to being high enough for print quality. You want at least 300 ppi res. There are no image quality settings in iWeb (that I know of) so you are pretty much stuck with whatever it puts out. Pages can indeed let you use it more like a "canvas", you just need to learn how to use it further. By default it is set rather rigid for text layouts but the Inspector for every item you place on the page has settings for wrapping, positioning and how it should behave. You can do total freeform layout if you want. Explore the Inspector deeper and I think you'll find everything you need is there, and more. You wouldn't use a steak knife to tighten a screw, don't use iWeb for print work.

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