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question of add-on lens for iPhone 6


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Nov 29, 2008
Well, if you don't need the 12x zoom adapter, why not order a set from aliexpress for 3 USD? I got one from there in a gold color and perfect quality. 3x aluminium glas lenses with a cap and a clip which the lenses can be screwed on to.


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Jun 20, 2010
What AnthroMatt mentions about cases is critical. Most add-on lenses will not work with most cases. Some have their own case that is required for use, others like Olloclip will work only on a completely bare phone (that means not even a screen protector) unless you use their special case.

I had Olloclips for two previous iPhones and though they were decent quality, I too almost never used them because I had to take off my case to do so. A friend bought a set of the inexpensive lenses from Amazon--lens quality was pretty poor AND they didn't work with her case. Within a photo group I participate in, the same thing is mentioned over and over--love the idea of using extra lenses, hate that they can't be used without removing your case. So make certain that your wife knows what's involved before buying anything.

(I personally went with Moment lenses for the iPhone 6; their glass quality trumps Olloclip and they can be used with almost any case--though you then need to add a very slim mounting plate to your phone instead. But they're pricey and don't offer a fisheye. If I wanted a good quality, "easy to put on and remove" lens set with a fisheye, I would do Olloclip with their new case.)
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