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Discussion in 'iMac' started by Nighttraine12, Jul 18, 2017.

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    Hey guys, just bought a newer iMac and am selling my current Imac. I saved the retail orginal box and packaging which seems pretty extensive. The body of the imac is completely covered in Styrofoam and the base is suspended off the bottom of the box plus there is an air gap between the screen and Styrofoam cutt out. Inadditon the box is pretty beefed and the unit is in a cloth bag inside the Styrofoam. I plan on shipping UPS insured in the retail box. Do you think the retail box will hold up? Im thinking thats how Apple ships them but wanted some input. I was thinking of adding another box but the cost is alreay crazy and the Apple retail box seem beefy.
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    I had to convince FedEx to ship my Thunderbolt Display and an Asus LCD in only their retail boxes as their policy evidently requires an additional box (even without any additional protection - so it's just a plain cardboard box). I am guessing this is for security reasons (discourage theft since you do not know what it is) rather than actual product protection.

    All my iMacs have been purchased BTO so they come with both the retail box and an outer cardboard "shipping box" and I have never had a problem shipping them with FedEx.
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    I recently shipped two iMacs, a 27 inch and a 21 inch from Japan to the US. The 21 inch had all of its original packaging and box and it made the trip with no problems. The 27 inch iMac didn't have anything (I bought it used in Japan and it didn't come with any of the original packaging or the box) and so I took as many precautions as I could to protect it. In the end, the 27 iMac got slightly damaged (but it still works just fine, mostly cosmetic things) if I had had the original packaging and box I think it would have made the trip without any problems.

    Best of luck,
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    You could also cover the box in wrapping paper, the type that might be called "butcher paper", heavy-weight plain paper. Tape it up with packing tape, and a shipping label, and that's it. Any UPS/FEDEX store will have that kind of thing.
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    Thanks guys good ideas. I think I will cover it with butcher paper the factory box is no joke and the packaging is very protective.
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    The biggest issue may be punctures. The “gift box” isn’t very strong in that regard. Rather than kraft paper, or maybe in addition to, you could cut a couple sections of cardboard for the large sides
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    Just an update, just for anyone else wondering about this topic. Ups refused to cover my imac in the retail box even after showing them that it had the entire body covered in styrofoam and was suspended in the box, plus has air gaps to protect it. They would only ship it insured in a giant box with with two inches of packing peanuts. They wanted $19.00 for a box humm.... so I went to Home Depot and made a box out of two larger boxes for $5.00. Still the shipping almost tripled for a 3 hours trip from my home. I used a FedEx because Ups was not nice. If you sell a imac make sure you price the shipping at $80.00 to $100.00 depending on the location you need to send it. Mine weight about 25 pounds and still cost about $86.00 to go from Ohio to Ind. or a 3 hour trip by ground insured. You could go through the post office and it is cheaper, but your chances of theft go up. I love the post office and have friends that work there but it is the truth.

    Also, I'm extremely impressed at how powerful my new iMac late 2015 model 27 inch 5k with 16gb of ram is to used. It is very fast and very responsive. Even though it was not the newest model, getting it for $1300.00 news seems like a steal.
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    ive shipped 27" imac at 32 pounds in it's original shipping container and box, insured, for around $60.

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