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Bill Fitz

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Apr 10, 2015
I currently own a Late 2014 Mac Mini. It includes 4 USB 3 Ports on the rear of the unit. I have each of these 4 USB Ports filled up with USB Devices.

I will be purchasing the new M1 Mac Mini soon to replace the 2014 Mini. As you know, these new Mac Minis only have 2 USB - A Ports on the rear.

Two quick questions.......

1.) Can you recommend a USB Hub that I can connect to the new Mac Mini to makeup for the shortfall of USB Ports in the new M1 ?

2.) Can my current USB Devices connected to my 2014 Mac Mini be used with the new M1 Mac Mini ? I assume yes but not 100 sure.

Thanks a lot !!!


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Aug 28, 2009
1) I have three hubs at this point. But this is the latest one I got and it works great. If you need 7 additional USB ports buy two of them and daisy chain them.

2) Yes, it should work fine. If you use hubs, you might not be able to charge as many USB accessories at once since power gets divided. I have no problem charging my Garmin watch or mp3 player over a hub.
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Oct 5, 2020
What monitor do you use?

I have a monitor that connects to my M1 Mini through TB and has a built in USB Hub. So one TB cable for display signals and several USB-A ports.
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