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  1. Flip762 macrumors newbie

    Mar 2, 2008
    Has anyone here ever dealt with Rapid Repair? Their prices are really reasonable, but they asked that I keep my SIM card in and they also asked for my unlock code for a Iphone LCD repair.
  2. philgilder macrumors 68000

    Sep 30, 2007
    if they dont provide a reason, dont keep it in
    i wouldnt want to send my sim into ANY shop, yet alone one that asks for it
    they also shouldnt need the unlock code, they can test a screen by simply turning they iphone on
    something sounds fishy
  3. marnold macrumors newbie

    May 2, 2008
    Rapid Repair

    Hey, I work for Rapid Repair, and I would love to clarify your concerns.

    The lock code for the iPhone is neccesary in that we need to be able to test all areas of the LCD to ensure that the digitizer is working across the entire screen. With out the code, we can only test a very limited area of the LCD for full functionality of the digitizer.

    The SIM card is so that we may test all functions of your phone. Like the passcode, without the SIM, there are only so many features that are locked without the card.

    WE WILL NOT DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL OR IMMORAL WITH THOSE ITEMS. We just realize that like every other person, we can make mistakes, and we would like to test the device fully to ensure that we haven't made any mistakes with your device and that you receive a quality repair back.
  4. causasui macrumors newbie

    Aug 12, 2008
    Rapid Repair Feedback (-)

    I smashed my screen and digitizer. I sent several emails to a sales rep before taking the "leap of faith" to send my iphone, in a box, to this company. They asked I provide the simm card, I told them I didnt have one as it was in the new phone and I was assured the repair could be done without it. I prepay for the repair ($200.00) and send my phone away after being told no problem, no problem. They recieve the phone and I get an email immedietly, although I have pre-paid for the part, the repair is on some sort of backorder and they cant really specifiy a repair time. I call and did get a real person on the phone who explained to me it could be 2 or more weeks but she wasn't sure. I had a feeling this would happen. I sent away $200.00 and my phone in good faith to an internet company with the work "RAPID" in their name and am now out A. my phone and B. my $200.00. CHoices I have left is to wait on them and hope it actually is a legitimate comapany or try to get them to return it and look for a more legitimate experience getting my phone fixed.

    FYI, be careful when using this company, as if they have the piece sin stock for the repair, read thier disclaimers carefully ( essentially, they say they arent responisble for anything). Look for a local shop to fix your phone if you can. Im in the sticks so I didn't have a choice.
  5. jt2ga65 macrumors regular

    Jul 1, 2007
    I had to send my 1st gen iPhone to Apple for repair, cost $250, and I got it back 1.5 days. Actually, it was not my original phone, but another phone. I had left my sim card in the phone, and they just popped it out and sent it back with the new phone. The new one may have been a refurbished phone, but I think that is was brand new.

    So, my question... If I had to send mine in for a LCD repair, which is what I did, and I only paid $250 to Apple, who didn't need my SIM, why would you pay $200 for a company of questionable reputation?

  6. lscott macrumors newbie

    Aug 13, 2008
    Re: Rapid Repair

    causasui (John), allow my to address your concerns in this public forum since you saw fit to address your grievances here.

    Why we ask for SIM/unlock code: Unfortunately when people think there is just one problem with their iPhone, they are sometimes wrong, so it's standard practice to test everything to ensure our customers receives a fully functional iPhone.

    When you were asking questions before sending your iPhone in (a good idea) we had iPhone LCDs in stock. However despite placing your order on July 30, you waited to send it in (we received it on August 11.) At that time we were out of stock due to the high demand for this item.

    While it is true that we don't know the exact date that the part will be in stock again, you had a discussion with one of our reps regarding that, and if you had done as she suggested and examined our record (with a few simple searches) you would have seen there is no reason to sit in your basement hand-wringing about our business practices, you would have seen we're credible.

    So you can choose (as you already did once in our phone conversation) to keep it with us, and I promise you'll get the first screen that comes in. Or, say the word and we'll refund your money, ship your iPhone back to you free of charge (our way of saying sorry for the out of stock,) and you're free to take you're valuable business to another lucky company ;).

  7. causasui macrumors newbie

    Aug 12, 2008

    Since I made the choice to share my feedback, facts and thoughts I will follow-up with my experience here.

    Recieved a call and an email from Rapid Repair today asking if I was interested in getting my phone fixed still and that they had a screen to do it currently.

    I said yes please move forward. The girl said she would make sure it gets to the tech and I said thank you.

    As I get more information Ill update the thread.

  8. causasui macrumors newbie

    Aug 12, 2008

    Rarely does the food save the service, but in this case the end product saved the customer support/service issues. The sarcastic, cynical and juvenile response I got from lscott here may be enough to engender an image of some teenager in dads garage but apparently dad came home and cleaned up the mess. Where did the days go where a customer service rep was mature enough to ask, "What can we do to make this right sir" or at least let the customer know the number 1 concern of the company is you, the customer. This fellow invites me to take my business elsewhere instead of trying to earn and retain a customer’s business. I’m sure there are plenty of people fixing iphone screens who would love my money, I shouldn’t feel as if RapidRepair is doing me a favor by taking my business.
    You can tell a lot about a company’s maturity and professionalism by how they chose to represent themselves, especially in public.

    At the end of the day since I own an IT consulting firm and am often recommending products and services, I ask myself this. Would I use these guys again? Yes, I would. Enough said on that topic.

    I received the phone back and it is in excellent working condition. The repair was done and the phone has been working perfectly. I analyzed the install and it is without a doubt a quality job. I will post if there are any problems in the future with the screen, glue etc...
  9. jc1979 macrumors newbie

    Aug 15, 2008
    I've dealt with them in the past, and my experience was fine. While their response here does seem a bit juvenile, it sounds like you were a bit hasty out of the gate in assuming you had paid $200 and sent your iphone off to a company that doesn't exist. Being accusational before collecting all the facts could be considered equally juvenile.

    Everyone needs to grow up!

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