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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by filmjuicer, Aug 22, 2013.

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    New to this forum, but not new to Macs. Anyway, I am trying to figure out a smooth and simple backup system with Time Machine that will work with multiple Macs and with an external (wireless) HDD at the same time.

    Here's my situation...I have a 2007 iMac that has a 250GB HDD installed as well as a 500GB external HDD connected via FW400. In addition, I have a 1TB HDD that is also connected via FW400 which is used by Time Machine to backup the entire computer, including the other 500GB external.

    Now, I just purchased a MacBook Pro but it also only has 256GB of storage built in. So, I am thinking about taking my current 1TB HDD that is being used for Time Machine right now and converting it to a wireless HDD that I can access with both my new MBP and my old iMac. I am trying to figure out the best and easiest way to make the 1TB into a wireless drive and then get a new Time Capsule that can back up both computers and all the drives together.

    So, first I need to know is it possible for Time Machine using one Time Capsule to back up two different computers? Secondly, can it also back up external stand alone wireless HDDs as well, or do the external drives need to be connected to a computer? Thirdly, can I use one of the open ports on the Time Capsule to connect my HDD to in order to make it the wireless drive? If so, can Time Machine back it up in addition to my MBP and my old iMac (with or without the 500GB drive connected to it)?

    Does this make sense?

    Basically, I would like to be able to share files back and forth between my MBP and my iMac (using the 1TB drive wirelessly) and then still have a way to back everything up. So, my thinking is to - if possible - get the 3TB Time Capsule, hook up my 1TB drive to it, thus creating a wireless networked HDD. Then, have Time Machine back up not only the 1TB drive connected to the Time Capsule, but also the iMac (+500GB) and my new MacBook Pro as well.

    Can an external HDD be connected to a Time Capsule to turn it into a network drive? If so, can Time Machine back that drive up in addition to other wirelessly backing up drives from multiple computers?

    I am probably being a little redundant, by I hope I have explained my situation well enough. Any help would be appreciated before I go and drop the cash on a new 3TB Time Capsule. Thanks!!!
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    We backup 5 computers to a single time capsule, three to the TC internal drive, two to a USB drive connected to the time capsule. Its just a matter of having enough disk space.

    Each mac can back up, to the time capsule, its internal drive and any physically (USB firewire) attached (mac formatted) drive.

    Your wireless drive is a NAS, and TM is not going to back up the NAS reliably because of the protocols (you will need NAS type hardware to front that drive).

    You can make your USB drive a wireless drive assessable from anyone on the network (with the right password if you chose) by connecting it to the the time capsule USB port and using the airport utility to tell the time capsule to share.

    You probably need to use something like Carbon Copy Cloner running on one of your macs to back up the "wireless" drive connected to the time capsule, however.

    Another possibility to think about, is to connect the shared drive to one of the Macs that stays on and share it from that Mac. That mac can then backup the shared drive to the time capsule.

    Otherwise, instead of a time capsule, you need something like a mac mini with OX server installed (or set up one of your older unused macs as a server). Mac server software is like $20.
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    They must be connected to the computer.

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