Question re. Purchasing AppleCare+ for S4 Online

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by JulesK, Oct 15, 2018.

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    I got a S4 for a family member, but didn't get AppleCare+ because I've decided it's not worth it anymore for my Apple products, even for my iPhone (which is my most used Apple device). On further reflection, it probably does make sense for this Watch. I understand that you can add it online if you have the Watch's serial number (which I have), and there are some diagnostics run remotely, but do you physically need to have the watch in your hand? Or is it enough that the Watch is on and paired to an iPhone?

    Many thanks in advance.
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    My phone arrived on Friday ad I called Apple on Saturday and they added AppleCare for me there and then. Just call them and do it that way
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    I suppose the watch needs to at least be unlocked for remote access by Apple?
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    Just went through the process of purchasing it online last night.
    In summary, they will send you a link either via iMessage or email (your choice, but needs to be associated with the same Apple ID as the watch). Open the link using your iOS device (cannot be via Mac or Windows) and that will activate the diagnostic tool on the Watch. Wait for it to finish, and then continue following the instructions. Takes only a few minutes.
    Now, the question remains whether it will work if the watch is far away from the iOS device.
    If you don't have possession of the watch, I think the best route would be to call Apple and do it over the phone.
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    Thanks for this info. Really helpful.

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