Question regarding Aperture on multiple Macs

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by g-boac, Oct 27, 2010.

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    Question - the Aperture license agreement says that you can have Aperture installed onto two personal Macs, one being a "portable computer", the other being a desktop. Is this specifically enforced via a hardware check? I have a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air, so they are both technically "portables". However, the MacBook Pro is docked to an LED Cinema display, and effectively serves as my desktop unit.

    I realize that by letter of the law, I'd probably need to purchase two licenses - although I think I'd be within the intent of the license agreement. I'm just curious whether the software keys themselves somehow sync to a server and know whether its associated with a desktop iMac or a laptop MacBook.

    thanks for any insight anyone can offer!
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    The letter of the law is the law, you have the right to load aperture on one desktop and one laptop. if you want two laptops or two desktops you need two licenses.

    Apple doesn't sync serial numbers or any sort of activation/phoning home, so if you want to load the application on two desktop, apple isn't going to know

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