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    So, the apple ID I usually use is When I log into using that Apple ID and click on my name in the top right corner (near sign out button), it says my Apple ID is When I go into iCloud settings on my iPhone and look up my email address, it shows and and that I have selected to use the icloud one. I have gone to and have successfully logged into iCloud using all three Apple ID's and all three show as my Apple ID and they are all linked.

    Why do I have 3 ID's? and can I somehow delete two of them? All these ID's are just confusing to me and I dont know why Apple gave me three separate ones that all link to the same account :-/
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    You are not alone in your confusion. Why Apple does it this way now is a mystery. A GMail account is a GMail account. You can add a secondary email as a recovery method but your ID is your GMail address (Actually, there is a way that Google can mix up accounts, also, but it's not standard operating procedure).

    It is bizarre that you sign into your iCloud email account with a non-iCloud address.

    The problem is that Apple IDs predate the use of iCloud, I guess.

    I have a customer that had one of the old, one-word non-email Apple IDs and was forced to change it. Now that account is in the Twilight Zone (the one before zombies) with computer authorization problems and Apple hasn't been any help, really.
  3. James Godfrey macrumors 6502

    Oct 13, 2011
    Apple are currently working on allowing users to change their apple id's to their email address, this will be done via the 'my apple ID' site.

    Both your @me & @icloud email addresses are one and the same, but you will be able to remove your hotmail.
  4. Lampmeister macrumors member

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    This is the first time I've heard that apple id's will be changeable to email this for real? My id is an email that I haven't used in forever, and I'd sure like to make the change. Any idea when this will be made available?

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