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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Trey M, Mar 1, 2015.

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    So, by now we know that Apple Pay is highly regarded by financial institutions and security professionals for its sophisticated security features, such as the secure enclave on iPhones and protection against CC theft. Security is the bread and butter for Apple Pay and it is what will motivate greater adoption moving forward.

    However, today I was thinking about the Apple Watch and I'm confused as to how it will be as secure as the iPhone's solution to Apple Pay. On Apple's website, it says you will hold your Apple Watch close to the NFC reader and double click the button next to the Digital Crown. This will be all it takes to make an authorized payment.

    While I'm aware that the :apple: Watch likely won't make a successful payment without having your paired iPhone nearby, it still seems like the Watch would be an easier solution for thieves trying to make payments using an :apple: Watch. For example, if someone stole your bag containing both your iPhone and Watch, they could theoretically go to a store with the bag and make a payment using the Watch, right?

    AFAIK my question above has not been clearly addressed by Apple yet, and therefore any solution to proving it wrong is just speculation. However, one way they could address this issue would to be to require the paired iPhone's Touch ID to have been used within the last 3 minutes, for example, to make sure the Watch can't make a payment without some type of fingerprint authentication.
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