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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MacChinoNyc, Jan 25, 2014.

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    So I have a iphone 5s and a tmobile montyhl plan so I have a few questions I forgot to ask at tmo.

    1. when the month is done and you dont refill right away what happens to missed text messages? Will you see them again once you refill again?

    2. If I want to try a different carrier's payo plan will I keep this number tmo assigned me? and once again would I see any text messages I may have missed in a deactivated time period. Could be a few days to a week for example.

    3. I ended up trying out their $50 dollar tmo plan which has 500mb of data and unlimited text/talk. I tried to get their $30 100min talk/unlimited text/data plan but the service rep told me I'd have to have an activated tmo phone first and going with the $50 dollar plan is the easiest way to go about it and at the end of the month I could go back and they could put me on the $30/month payo plan.
    Does anyone have experience with this or know this to be accurate info?

    4. with the $30 plan or any plan that has a specific number of minutes once they are wasted I assume no calls are coming through. What do they count as a minute? I mean does the first incoming minute count?
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    I switched to the $30/month plan after I initially signed up for an Uncarrier Plan and paid off my iPhone a few months later.

    Once you've used all the minutes given, you can only receive phone calls then. It's $.10/minute. Although, if you were to replenish your balance before the new start date you can make phone calls but it will deduct the $.10/minute from the account balance.

    ^I ran out of minutes so I had to do this^

    You can still send and receive texts. Data can still be consumed.

    If you were to switch to another prepaid, yes you can continue to use the same phone number.
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    So after youre done with minutes and you get calls they maintain a negative balance for you to be deducted on the next refill?
    If so , anyway to block incoming calls on the iphone for a short period?
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    Can people answer number 1. question from my OP?

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