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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by vomer, May 25, 2011.

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    Hi Guys,

    Just got my MBP! Have a quick question.

    Coming from windows, I have always partitioned my hard drive to have a "data" drive where I store all my documents/music/pics so that it is safe and away from the OS (in case I need to re-install the OS- i don't loose my docs/music etc.)

    I just created a partition using disk utility and the "format" I gave it was Mac OS Extended. I am not too familiar with this format as I have only used NTFS and FAT in the past.

    Did I do a good thing by making the partition Mac OS Extended? As I stated before...the purpose of this "drive" or partition is pure to store data that I do not want deleted in case I re-format the OS.

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    You did fine as long as you did NOT select case-sensitive.

    Most people with a single hard drive, with OSX, don't bother partitioning their drives, because they're using an external hard drive for backups (Time Machine or Carbon Copy Cloner). In the event you actually needed to reinstall the OS, it is possible to reinstall it without reformatting the entire drive (Archive & Install). Welcome to the Mac world. You can pick up your membership card at your local coffee shop, so long as you bring your MBP with you and can act pompous to at least 1 person you've never met before.
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    Here is what disk utility shows :


    I understand that most OS nowadays do a backup and restore but I like to be extra safe and keep my important files away from the OS as much as possible. That was the purpose of me doing this :) hope its ok?

    thanks for the welcome to mac! I have had this machine for 1 hour and I feel completely at home and am amazed at the superior quality! Never going back :p
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    Sep 13, 2007

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