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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by adammjenkins, Jun 3, 2010.

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    Hello everyone, I've done a bit of searching but haven't been able to come up with any posts about this. I made the switch from PC to Mac relatively recently, and there has been this slight annoyance that I can't seem to remedy. Here's the situation:

    I have my browser open and I get an instant message through iChat, which was minimized. I open the chat, reply, then minimize again, and although my browser is clearly the foremost window, it still requires me to click a portion of that window to make it active. Of course it will still scroll while it's technically not "active," but it's annoying when I forget because I might end up using it as the inactive window for a few minutes (reading something that only requires scrolling), then go to click on a link, but the click only registers on the browser itself to make it the active window, which makes me sit there for a second and say to my self "Why the hell isn't it taking me to my page?" Then it registers that my click only made the window active, didn't actually click the link.

    I have been trying to make use of expose by not minimizing all the time, but I find it efficient to minimize some things.

    My question in summary: is there a script or preference setting that I am missing to have the foremost window automatically become the active window? Or am I just going to have to get used to using expose?

    Thank you for any suggestions that you might be able to offer.
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    As you've learned, "foremost window" does not mean "active window". You have to click on it to make it active, or use Command+Tab.
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    ...iChat is still the active application. (Look at the bold text in the Menu Bar next to the :apple:)

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