Question with MacBook+gaming.


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Sep 8, 2006
Saint Charles, MO
I'm getting a MB 1/2GB RAM one way or another (MBP has good graphics/etc but it's just too $$$ for me) this holiday or by MWSF '07 and I was wondering would there be any serious problems running MapleStory (2D light load on graphics) and Microsoft's flight simulator? Everyone says MB isn't a gamer but I think it can take the load of these 2. :confused:


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Nov 14, 2002
Charleston, SC
i just got a maxed out black macbook and halo runs alright on it with the settings on mid. same with call of duty 2. if the game you are talking about is any less, then you should be fine. that being said, i am probably going to sell this MB (seeing as i got it for $1135), and get a MBP.