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Oct 31, 2004
I use my new 4G 20 Gb iPod 4 a couple of hours everyday....I have an issue where after a day or 2 the iPod does not finish playing songs it stops at about 80%.and then moves onto z next track again stopping at 80% and so on and so on..........hmmmm...
So I do all the novelty stuff your suppose the iPod...I have reformatted it....loaded latest iPod drivers.......

My real problem is in RESETTING the seems on my Pod that this is an extremely torturous ordeal.......sometimes taking up to 1.5 hours (yes seriously) to complete a successful reset.....(at which point I feel as though I have RSI)...I have had an iPod mini prior to this model and restting it was EASY, yet it used the same click wheel and button combination as my current iPod which is proving 2 b a Mother*ucker to reset)

I have 2 questions 4 U iPod users out there.......

1. Does anybody find themselves having to reset their iPod after as much use as I have detailed above, and if so are the symptoms the same as I have detailed....?

2. Is there an easier way to reset this 4G 20Gb iPod than using the torturous button hold combination thingy Apple has detailed in z manual ??

I am running Mac OS 10.3.7 and the latest drivers 4 z ipod and latest version of itunes......machine specs below...

HEEEEEEEEELP this is really pissing me off, if I have to reset my iPod every day and spend an hour or so trying to get the little #ucker to reset........
then I dont want it then, let Satan or Sadam have it..........I'll go back to a Mini or perhaps a flash (do these flash thingies have to b reset or not anyone know ????)......


Please help..........


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May 6, 2004
Return it

That isn't normal. Return it, Apple will (likely) give you a new one. Even if they don't, they will fix it. Use your mini in the meantime. Life is too short to deal with frustration like that. All gadgets can break down, sounds like yours is one of them.



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Dec 20, 2003
you don't need to reset your iPod, this 80% stuff you mention is the 'standard' fader between songs, you can disable this in the menu if I'm not wrong, I did it, so now I hear every song until the end, no fader, no **** like that

I never resetted my iPod so I have no clue on how long it takes to do so... I took it out of the box and used it and thats that, no issues whatsoever with it... mine is a 3G 30GB iPod (yes the one with the worst positioned buttons, I like it that they got back to the original around the wheel position from the first one...)

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