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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Mikebike125, Sep 25, 2012.

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    I've been a little lax on upgrading my programs on my computer and meanwhile, my photo library has gotten really big. I have currently 20,000 photos which comprises 92GB. My iPhoto is starting to run a little slowly and I'm running out of HD space. I am hearing that Apeture is a good way to go because it will let me put my photos on an external HD (which I would back up) and I can break up the photos into seperate libraries. On the Apple website it says "Aperture and iPhoto Unified Library
    • Share one photo library across both applications
    • No need to import, export, or reprocess photos from one app to the other"

    The "both applications" confuses me. If I get Apeture, do I import my new photos into iPhoto or Apeture? Will Apeture open up and import my pictures the way iPhoto does? Do I even need to use iPhoto anymore? I wonder if I get Apeture if I need to upgrade to the newest version of iPhoto or just stick with iPhoto '09. Could someone explain this? Thanks
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    You might want to move this or re-post in the Digital Photography forum: -

    The way the latest version of Aperture and iPhoto work is they have a shared library i.e. one library, two applications that can edit photos stored in that library.

    It works pretty seamlessly, but you do have to be on the latest versions.

    Aperture is a very good program and a very good value, but if you are happy with iPhoto you could just move your iPhoto library to an external drive -

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