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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by CrzyIcE, Mar 2, 2013.

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    I remember reading somewhere in apple's site that they mention you can have up to 10 devices or "computers" (or around that amount) paired up with an apple ID.

    Is there a way to check which devices are authorized with your current apple ID?

    I tried searching the apple community forums and for some reason, the instructions says by going to itunes, you are able to view and deauthorize each device individually. But that is not available in my itunes (I have the latest version).

    Another question I have is if I were to have an app (lets say App Version 1.0) and later on Version 1.1 comes out but I want to keep Version 1.0.

    My iPad, iPhone, etc. had Version 1.0 and never updated to Version 1.1.
    My device breaks and I get a new one. If I go into the "Purchased" tab of my new device to re-download that app, would it give me my previous Version 1.0 app or would it give the 1.1?

    If it does give the 1.1, is there a way to back-up and keep the older version apps?

    Thanks for the help!
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    If you buy an app you get all future updates for free.

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    in iTunes, go to the store.
    at the top of that page, click on your account name, and account
    then on the page look for the "iTunes in the cloud" section, the list of your authorized devices is there.

    you can backup your old apps on your computer, if you click on the app in iTunes, you can "show in finder" (not sure what it says in windows) and back that up.
    apple does not keep old versions around, so once the app updates to 1.1, that will be all you can download.

    i thought itunes used to throw away the old version when you updated, but i seem to have several of each app in the folder where they are stored, so it looks like it may keep the older ones now.
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    If you go into the "Purchased" tab of your new device and redownload, it would give you version 1.1 (or whatever is the latest version at that time).

    Yes, you can back it up. Generally speaking, it would be in the C:\Users\(Username)\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications folder

    and just keep the .ipa file somewhere safe and away from the iTunes folder. You can just drag and drop into iTunes for it to "sync" it to the library so you can sync with your iDevice that particular version.

    Remember to delete the other version(s) before you add the version you want to iTunes
  5. CrzyIcE, Mar 3, 2013
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    for iTunes in the cloud, they only have 1 listed device for me (I don't know why when I have 4 authorized devices). I don't think its the same.

    darricksailo - hmm I see, thanks! Another question I have is how do I get the apps to appear in "C:\Users\(Username)\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications folder"?
    I am a little bit confused with how iTunes work since I have a laptop and a PC. One thing that confuses me is if I plug a device (ex. iPhone) to my computer for the 1st time, it would transfer and sync all the apps to there right? And if I use that same device on my laptop, it would not transfer the apps to my laptop?

    Thanks again.

    Edit: For example, I purchased a few more apps since the first time I transferred my purchases. But now these purchases won't auto transfer to my laptop.

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