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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Littlebit, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Littlebit macrumors member

    Jul 10, 2007
    Hi Everyone!

    I'm very new here...only a been member since last month, but owned Macs exclusively since 2005 (Powerbook G4, and now a MacBook Pro), as well as an Apple IIe from 1984-1992. Anyway, I am buying an iPhone on Sept. 1st, which is the day our current T-Mobile plan expires. Just 20 days to go! I have a few questions...

    My needs for the phone part of the iPhone are simple...I will use it by placing the phone to my ear most of the time but would prefer to be hands-free while driving. I don't need stereo earpieces because I already have really good headphones and earbuds (and yeah, I know I'll need to get an adaptor). I do not think I want/need bluetooth...I don't want to use up battery power that quickly and having the wire really won't be a problem for me. My only concern is based on an experience with the old Palm-brand Tungsten W I used to relied on a wired earplug to use the phone (you couldn't put the thing to your ear and talk into HAD to use a wired earpiece) and after pulling the wire out so many times, the "female" part of the Tungsten eventually broke. Should I keep this as a consideration in Bluetooth vs No Bluetooth?

    If I DID go bluetooth (or even if I went wired...the question would be the same), can anyone suggest a single-ear earpiece that will fit comfortably with a teeny-tiny ear? I am very, very short and my ears are TINY...the only earpiece I ever found that was remotely comfortable with my Tungsten W was a Jabra Earboom Winder and that was only because they had the ear gels...which would eventually pop off and get lost (not that it mattered...the Earboom Winder would only last 6 months, tops, before it wouldn't wind anymore). I think I would prefer in-the-ear instead of over-the-ear...we tried a Jabra BT 200 for a time but it was HUGE on my ear and very uncomfortable.

    If anyone has any opinions of why I should go corded vs BT, and/or where I can find whichever piece that'll be comfortable for my size-of-a-10-year-old ears, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. carman63 macrumors regular

    Oct 27, 2006
    Personally, I prefer BT over a corded headset for the lack of a cord. Also, I can wander away from the phone for short distances, if need be. Sound quality isn't any different in most cases.

    If the BT-200 series (I have a BT250) is too big/bulky, look for the JX-10. That one's much smaller and lighter. The earpiece might give you problems, depending on how you're wanting the 'bud' piece to fit (resting on the ear or almost plugging the ear canal). But the ear clip is bendable (and removable!) and should help you get a proper fit.
  3. Littlebit thread starter macrumors member

    Jul 10, 2007
    Well, that's a start. Thanks! I'd still just as soon go "wired" over BT, if possible...again, I'm only going to use it in the car so there's not much chance of "wandering" (grin). I'm moreso concerned about the possibility of the wear and tear of the headphone input, by pulling the wires out a half-dozen times a day (I go in and out of the car a lot, for work).

    If anyone else can throw out some suggestions for earpieces that fit teeny-tiny ears and/or share their experiences with "wired" earpieces, I'd appreciate it.

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