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Jan 26, 2002
I want to allow FTP Access to the contents of my external FireWire hard drive using Mac OS X's built-in FTP Access. My questions are:

1. How would I go about restricting FTP Access to that hard drive only?
2. How would I go about setting up usernames and passwords (logins) for the server?
3. Can I give those people read-only access?

All I can figure out to this point is how to turn the FTP Access on, and use one of the accounts from the system to log into that user's Home directory.

Any help is appreciated...




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Mar 25, 2002
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The FTP server built into OSX.2 shares out your entire home directory and all of it's contents.
Unless anyone knows where the ftp server config file is and how to edit it then you will probably need a seperate app to run a fully configurable FTP server.
Try looking around VersionTracker or MacUpdate for FTP server software.

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Jun 18, 2001
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When a user logs in.. they can only get to file that they own (in there home directory) just as Verbose said. You can make the FW drives permisons so any one can get to it and they make an alias for it and put it in each of the home directories of the ftp users. They should beable to access it just by doing a

# cd /Volumes/FireWireDrive
# get TheFileNameIwant

just make sure that the drive is wide open.

# chmod 777 /Volumes/FireWireDrive

Do you want them to have read and write abillity? You may want to limmit it to read only... are the users going to be doing gets and puts or just gets?

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