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    I own a iCurve for my 12' Powerbook at home but have recently brought it to work to lift my 15' Compaq/HP nc8230 laptop WITH docking station. With the dock it's quite big and heavy and the poor little iCurve can barely hold it.

    Does anyone have the dimensions of the top of the new Griffen Elevator? I want to see if it would have a better chance of holding this latop+dock.

    (Inner width dimension, outer width dimension, and lenth of platform.)

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    Sep 18, 2005
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    In conjunction with either the Basic Docking Station or Advanced Docking Station, this unique stand eliminates the need for an external monitor by optimizing your notebook display, or better yet enables you to attach an external monitor for dual-display functionality. The flexible design allows you to adjust the display level to the most comfortable eye level.

    Notebook stand with one-hand adjustability eliminates the need for an external monitor

    Adaptable design lets you connect either the HP Docking Station or the HP Advanced Docking Station.
    Unique design raises your computer screen to an adjustable comfortable eye level.
    Simple cable management channels on the back of the stand unclutter your desktop when connecting multiple devices.

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