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Jul 25, 2004
I'm trying to coordinate a video chat between myself (Mac and Quickcam Zoom) and my girlfriend (PC and Quickcam Zoom).

1. I've read conflicting reports on if AIM and iChat work together. Do they work together?

2. My girlfriend's AIM recognizes her webcam, but when she tries to show me her webcam, it won't let her. In fact, it seems that it allows her to show it to people with a PC, but not people with Macs. What's the problem here?

3. Because my camera is USB I need some hack to be able to use it in iChat, but my trial version from iChatUSBcam expired. Is there anything I can do to try it again without paying?

4. Should I just give up and use another program, and if so, which? So far, the best thing we've gotten to work is iVisit.



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Jun 22, 2005
I'm no expert of iChat myself, but I'll try to answer some of your questions.

1. For me, no conflicts between AIM and iChat so far

2. I think that in iChat you need to have a video to view hers so that you can have a video chat. Likewise, you need a mic to have a voice chat with somebody. I have not figured out how to text somebody while they show video, but there's bound to be a work-around.

3. Same problem for me, so can't help you there. However, I believe that the drivers are still on my computer, which lets my use my USB webcam as a video input (just did this in Quartz Composer, but not for iChat - again, there might be a work-around).

4. For me, I like iChat because of its simplicity. while it can be a pain because it is over-simplified, it doesn't bother me. Obviously, it may be a different story for you.


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May 1, 2004
Quebec, Canada
1- AIM and iChat Video Mac/PC does not work.

2- iChat can do 1-way video or Audio chat.

3- Buy the software. people worked hard to create it. you tried it. you should
buy it.

4- iVisit is still the best Mac/PC client.

Hope this helps,

Mrmac. (email me if you have further questions.)