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    Hi. I need to do a reset/restore on my phone and I turned on iCloud backups to start backing everything up. To test what would happen and what I might lose, I reset another phone and restored from my iCloud backup to that phone. But I've noticed some inconsistencies and have some questions:

    1) When I deleted some bookmarks in Safari on the test phone, they got deleted on the first one as well! I did not expect iCloud to delete stuff like that. How can I restore those? How can I prevent that from happening again? Turn off iCloud backups on the test device?

    2) One of my games, Settlers of Catan, has an in-app purchase that didn't transfer over to the new phone. It wants me to pay to buy it again. Do I have to pay, or will it tell me "Oh, you already bought this"? I know this is how the App Store works, but I don't know about in-app purchases.

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    Nov 28, 2012
    In app purchases are recorded

    In response to no. 2...

    I recently had the same problem with respect to Settlers of Catan not immediately reloading my in-app purchases (Cities and Knights, and Seafarers) after I restored my software to a new iPad. However, I got support from USM games, and the thing to do is, if you're logged into the same iTunes account as the one used to purchase the in-apps, to go ahead and repurchase them in the game. They ask you to buy it, but after checking, a pop-up confirms that you've already bought it, and they download immediately without the need to pay again.
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    What he said...

    I just got an ipad air for Christmas after having played this game for a long time on the first gen ipad. Just go through the whole purchase process again. I was nervous but it works.
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    That is from having Safari Bookmark syncing turned on. It's the Safari option in iCloud settings.

    You most like;y have a bunch of syncing turned on so be careful what data you delete from the test device.

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