iPhone 6(S)(+) Questions about iPhone 6 and Apple Watch combo


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Apr 19, 2011
Hi. Currently I have an iPhone 6 that I never upgraded past iOS 9.3.5. It runs well and I don’t need any of the features added since then (the security updates would be nice but are not as important to me as performance), so I’d prefer not updating it. I’d like to get an apple watch. Will I need to update my iPhone to pair it to a watch? Is there a watch version that will work with my phone? I’d reluctantly be ok with updating my phone if I need to, but if iOS 12 negatively impacts my phone's overall performance I’d likely just get a new phone instead of a watch. Thanks!


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Jan 23, 2002
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You'll be hard pressed to find an AW that can pair with iOS9 at this point. None of the new AW's will do it. I think the only AW that can pair with iOS9 is the original one. I'm guessing most folks with the original AW have upgraded them past wOS2, which I think is the last version you could use with iOS9.

As for iOS12, it's a huge improvement over iOS11, but it's still slower (for me) than iOS10, which was slower than iOS9. Things still take a long time to load up that used to be instantaneous. For instance, in the Health app, it takes forever for heavily populated data (like HR) to populate. In iOS10, it used to come up instantly ... now it takes at least 10 seconds. I think iOS11/12 are too heavily dependent on RAM, which the 6/6plus are lacking.
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