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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by CrzyIcE, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. CrzyIcE macrumors member

    Oct 24, 2010
    Hey everyone,
    I've been searching around and I could not find these answers if anyone can help.

    iphone: 3GS
    version: 4.0.2
    jailbroken w/ limera1n
    baseband: 5.13.04

    I just recently jailbroken with limera1n and installed cydia on my 3GS.
    And I tried to use tinyumbrella to save the version 4.0.2 but I don't think the request was sent to cydia since Apple stopped signing 4.0.2.

    So I was wondering if there is any benefits of sticking to 4.0.2 now? Since 4.1 is out with the same jailbreak.

    If I do upgrade to 4.1, do I upgrade through this?

    Also if I upgrade to 4.1, will my baseband change? If it does, what will happen?
    Because the unlock for 4.1 is not out yet and I read up on some forum or thread that unlocking is based on your baseband.

    Also for the SHSH blobs, where do you get the information of when Apple stops signing a certain version?
    And how do you know if Cydia had received your request through TinyUmbrella?
    For example, when I used tinyumbrella for 4.0.2, (this was when 4.1 was out but I did not know whether they had stopped signing 4.0.2 yet or not) it shows this:

    All saved SHSHs:
    iPhone3GS 4.1 (and then some #s and letters)

    What does this mean? On the Log, it does not mention that my SHSH were requested from Cydia.

    Also when you jailbreak your Iphone, can you still download apps from the official Apple App Store? Do you have to have the latest update (both iphone and itunes) in order to download from it?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. nebo1ss macrumors 68030

    Jun 2, 2010
    You did not say if you needed an unlock. If you upgrade to stock 4.1 from apple it will upgrade your baseband from 5.13 to 5.14. This may not matter to you if you use the official carrier and do not need an unlock

    For the 3GS the way to prevent a baseband upgrade while still upgrading to 4.1 is to use pwnage tool. This needs a mac to create a custom ipsw that you can restore to while maintaining the previous baseband.

    If the unlock is not important then just go ahead and upgrade using itunes and then run either limera1n or greenpo1son to do the jailbreak.

    The shsh files enable you to restore to a previous firmware
    level that apple is no longer signing. The only SHSH files you can get now are 4.1 which are still worth getting since any restore you do after 4.2 is released will force you to 4.2 unless you have SHSH saved for 4.1.

    The jailbreak has no effect on your ability to download from the app store and there is no need to be on the latest level of firmware.

    Hope this helps clarify the issues you raised.
  3. CrzyIcE thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 24, 2010
    I am planning to unlock it to use for another carrier but I do not have an access to a mac to use pwnage tool.

    Based on that, would you recommend that I still upgrade to 4.1 and have my baseband changed to 5.14 and then wait for the unlock for 5.14?

    As for the other questions I had, I think you answered most of them except for these:
    1)How do you know when Apple stops signing a certain version?
    2)If I were to upgrade to 4.1 w/o caring about the baseband, do I do the restore update by downloading the 4.1 through the site I found (in my 1st post), and then shift click on the restore in Itunes?

    Thanks again for the quick response and for clarifying some of the confusing things for me!
  4. nebo1ss macrumors 68030

    Jun 2, 2010
    I would say if you need an unlock stay where you are if you do not have access to a MAC. When a new version of firmware is released the old one signing is stopped if not immediately within a day or two. For example 4.2 is due for release in November and 4.1 will no longer be signed immediately after that.

    If you wanted to do an update without caring about the baseband update through apple. Just plug your phone in launch Itunes and go to the summary page and hit the update button. However, based on your interest in an unlock stay where you are.

    We expect an unlock for the 5.14 baseband after 4.2 is released but nothing is definite about that. If you use Tiny umbrella now to save your SHSH for 4.1 you will be able to update to 4.1 when the unlock is released for 5.14 using the Tiny umbrella TSS server option.

    If you are not familiar with Tiny umbrella there is a read me on the Web site where you get the software google it. If Saurik server already has your SHSH then tiny umbrella will save a copy on your pc as well.
  5. CrzyIcE thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 24, 2010
    Hmm, I see.
    So I should stay with this current version 4.0.2.
    And if I used TinyUmbrella (I actually used this a few days ago), it will preserve the 4.1 version even if I am at 4.0.2?
    And then when the 4.2 version comes out, I update through the TSS server to 4.1?
    At this point my baseband will become 5.14.04 as well, so if the unlock does come for 5.14.04, I just do the unlock.

    Am I understanding it correctly? Because when I used tinyumbrella a few days ago, I realized the saved SHSH said iphone 4.1 and I was confused about that.

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