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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by swgms, Sep 15, 2008.

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    Jun 30, 2008
    This is a multiple question thread, but all belong in same same catagory.

    First off, I have always used a MBP in the past, but recently I purchased a macbook. After using the macbook for about a week I have noticed some things that concern me about the performance.

    The first of which is an annoyance. The trackpad feels somewhat delayed, slugish, but mostly just not normal. I have all the settings configured to max speed and unchecked ignore accidental trackpad input. When I set the tracking speed fast, the courser goes fast, but it still have a weird feeling of control. The other user of that computer has not complained, but she is not used to a fast mouse. Also when I plug a bluetooth mouse in it works just fine and feels normal.

    The other problem is on the first USB port, the farther one away on the left just below the firewire port, is not recognizing a device. We have a Verizon wireless usb modem for internet while traveling, and when plugged into the 1st usb port it wont be recognized by the computer. But when plugged into the second one, right below it, it works just fine. Other devises work in the first USB port, iPod, camera, etc.

    The final problem is something that may be more serious. Right after I got the computer I get a few error screens saying like restart, no reason, just restart. To be honest I don't remember them that well, I just followed as instructed. This morning as I woke the computer up from sleep. I got a black screen that was dimmed to the point I couldn't read anything but computer error restart. It was different from what I had before. One again I restarted and upon start up I got a message saying OSX has quit unexpectedly. I did not report the problem, or look at the error log, so it may be impossible to give an answer with out that information. i still am worried, the computer is a week old, and i am already experiencing some problems. While i have had the macbook pro for a while and nothing yet.

    Any help or ideas on any of the questions would be great, thanks
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    Apr 27, 2008
    Your third problem sounds like a kernel panic the first time round. Kernel panic screens look like this:


    They ask you to turn off the machine, and following a reboot usually everything is fine.

    You say that the second error message was different, can you give a more exact description of the message, and anything else on the screen? For example, did it appear to be a black screen with white Darwin prompt?

    As for the trackpad, I agree that the MB and MBP trackpads do feel different and respond differently. I always put this down to simple hardware differences; the MB will have a cheaper and less accurate trackpad than the MBP.

    I honestly don't know what could be wrong with the USB. When you have the modem plugged into the USB port, can System Profiler see it?
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    Feb 15, 2005
    I seem to recall Andy Ihnatko talking about this on an episode of MacBreak Weekly. I don't remember which episode, but it was within the past year if that helps. :)

    He said the rear (closer to the Firewire port) USB connector is connected directly into the main circuitry of the logic board, while the front USB connector goes through some sort of internal on-board hub. For that reason, you should always use the rear USB connector with any "touchy" devices.

    If I find the actual episode I'll mention it here.

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