Questions about Macs Sleeping and my BT mouse

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by CompUser, Jan 2, 2006.

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    I have had an ongoing problem with my powerbook going to sleep, staying asleep, and with the pulsating sleep light working. I found one other person on the forums with a powerbook and similar problems and he hasn't had the problem fully worked out with apple.

    I have a 1.5ghz PowerBook G4 12" SuperDrive running OS X 10.3.9. Soon after I purchased my computer the pulsating sleep light would not turn on if I put the computer to sleep, or it would stay on only for a short while, or it would only pulsate if I pushed in the latch button. It also would not always stay alseep when the screen was closed. It would sleep, then turn on, then go back to sleep, then turn on, etc.

    That problem has been taken care of (after 4 times being sent in). The other existing problem is that if you set the computer to go to sleep in say 3 min after not being used, it won't. It will never go to sleep. Instead, it will turn off the LCD after 3 min, and keep the rest of the computer running. It also runs the HD and fan so that my battery runs down. So if I leave my computer unplugged and on, and walk away and I come back 2 hours later my battery life has been greatly lowered.

    Is that not going to sleep an common issue with macs? I have tried everything to resolve it.... reinstall OS, PMU reset, repair permissions, zappage of the pramageg.

    on another side note I pulled out my BT mouse that I haven't used in quite a while. I paired it with my pBook and went to move around the pointer. Instead of the pointer moving it stayed in place. I could click but not move. I restarted my computer, tried it again and its still broken.
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    What software are you running? I've noticed that certain things will make the computer appear to remain active, and it will not go to sleep. For instance, even if you're not doing anything, but you are logged into some instant messaging networks, the IM activity will keep the computer from going to sleep. That's just a for instance....

    If you, for the sake of investigation, quit all your apps, so just the OS is running, and repeat what you describe above, does the same thing happen?
  3. CompUser thread starter Guest

    Yes, the same thing happens. I've checked the start-up apps and nothing is interferering. The only AIM apps I use are iChat and AIM, both of which I make are off. iTunes is also closed. I haven't installed anything that would interfere. Just basic apps like appleworks, iwork, FCE, office, iLife, adobe CS, -nothing special.

    I also have checked before to make sure the BT was not interfering- and it wasn't. I've had all apps quit and BT and AP off and it still stays on.

    Also, after I reinstall the os, it will go to sleep somwhat normally for like a few days to a week. But then it breaks again. I have reinstalled my OS 8 times to rid myself of this problem temporarily but it always comes back.

    WTF is going on!
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    When did this computer come out? I have the same PB and Tiger was loaded on it. Any reason you are not yet on Tiger now? Since I don't have this problem at all, wonder if Tiger might fix it?
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    Same thing was happening to our iMac, but one day it just started going to sleep after the predetermined time.

    I have no idea what happened. :confused:
  6. CompUser thread starter Guest

    its all taken care of. Apple is sending me a new powerbook.


    same one, just a new warranty and such.

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