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Oct 18, 2013
I have 2 questions pertaining to the move command :)apple: + drag).

1. When I move a folder into another folder that contains a subfolder with the same name I am sometimes prompted with a "merge" option and sometimes OSX just deletes the old folder and replaces it with the new folder. Even when I grab several folders at once, some will have the option to merge and some will overwrite. How do I get the merge behavior to be consistent? Blindly overwriting a folder is a very odd behavior for any operating system.

2. In regards to iTunes, sometimes when I move a song from one place to another, iTunes automatically knows where that song went. This is very cool, and fits my usage perfectly. But most of the time it does not do this. How can I consistently get this behavior?


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May 22, 2008
Milwaukee, WI
#1 What you describe was the default for Macs from the beginning. There was no merge. You had to know if the folder you were replacing already had all of the files updated, that is, just the latest file(s) you changed were not updated.

I think merge came along with Lion, but I haven't used it. I don't know when merging became possible in Windows, but I bet at some point in the past, it couldn't do that either. I'm not sure why Apple resisted making that change for so long, but for those accustomed to not having the feature, it was/is no big deal.
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