Questions about moving Powerbook


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Jun 20, 2005
I just bought a new powerbook and I was wondering if you're supposed to move it around when it's in sleep mode, or shut it down? I carry it in my back pack which is roomy so my powerbook bouces around slightly. Is that back for my hard drive?


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Mar 29, 2004
Boston, MA
i transport my pb in sleepmode all the time. traveled even by plane several times with my pb only in sleep mode. seems thats o.k. otherwise mine would be dead by now. somewhere in the manual it even says that the hd goes to sleep and is safe in sleepmode.

i just wonder if it's a problem when the pb does it's maintainence while in sleep. because the hd is spinning at that time and you might bump the pb onto something.



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Feb 1, 2004
I would also like to add that I always just put my powerbook to sleep during transport. I rarely switch it off cause it takes so bloody long to start up! :rolleyes:


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Apr 29, 2005
San Francisco
This is the reason that Apple has installed the motion sensor in the new Powerbooks. For this reason exactly. The motion sensor that is in the new powerbooks will stop and lock the hard drive if it detects motion that would cause the HD to become damaged. So you could technically carry the powerbook around with it NOT in sleep mode and the machine would still be perfectly fine. In sleep mode, well, then the HD is already stopped.