Questions about selling a car on eBay Motors.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by macaddict23, Dec 16, 2009.

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    I've been doing eBay for about three years now, and I have 650 feedback at 100% selling mostly apple computers and accessories.

    I'm about to sell my old 1945 Jeep Willys, a first for me on eBay. I can only assume the listing process is the same--provide lots of photos, provide a detailed description, etc. I'll probably list it as a Buy It Now for $2800.

    1) If a buyer decides to have this shipped, he/she pays for all shipping costs, correct? Who's responsible for making the shipping arrangements?

    2) Does the buyer have to pay the entire amount up front, or he/she only has to put a deposit down?

    3) If a deposit much be stated in my description, how much deposit should I ask? Is the deposit refundable or non/refundable?

    4) What payment method is best for the deposit? For the remaining balance?

    5) At what point do I hand over the title?

    6) The Jeep works with no mechanical issues. I will disclosed everything in the description. But considering the age of the vehicle, I will state the sale as being AS-IS. Should the buyer find something to gripe about after receiving the Jeep, can he/she ask for a refund? Am I responsible for the return shipping cost?

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    I just sold a car on ebay for the first time. Here's my take on it. Most of those questions are up to you, but I would suggest doing it this way:

    1. I made him make all arrangements and pay for shipping. He was only allowed to have it picked up AFTER I received his cashier's check.

    2. Usually a deposit is required, I've seen from $100 to $1000, usually non-refundable. (I would not refund it)

    3. Yes, deposit amount is a field in the auction setup on eBay and the auction will list it. I would do $250 or so.

    4. Paypal for the deposit, cash or a cashier's check only for full payment.

    5. I mailed him the title after my bank could assure me the cashier's check was genuine and had cleared. This was a couple of days after his shipper picked up the car. Not sure if I would make a habit of that, but after talking to this guy extensively on the phone I was comfortable with letting the car go.

    6. That could go either way. If it's something obvious you failed to disclose, they would be protected under eBay's car buyer protection stuff and you would probably have to take it back. Hard to say though. If it's something that happens to break shortly after they got it, no way jose. It's their problem then.

    Basically, be super cautious. Don't give up the car or the title until you know you've got ALL the money secured. Even with a cashier's check, it can be fraudulent and take 5-10 business days for that to be discovered, at which point you would be responsible for the money.

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