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Discussion in 'iMac' started by Cool Pup, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Jun 18, 2010
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    Hello, I have been researching these units for a long time because I am very interested in switching over from PC to Mac, and these latest iMacs might just be my ticket into the Mac world.

    I actually use a new iMac (21") at work and really love it, it's fast and far more easy than any computer I've had previously.

    I do have a few questions, though, that I do not see answered on many places, guides, etc. that I think would be very important for a new user to know that isn't direct from Apple, which would be more inherently biased. I need some feedback from some real product users, not a business.

    First, what are some good speakers to run with the iMac? On my current setup, a decked out Vista from a few years back, I use a Logitech Z-5500 and I do not see a place that would work on the iMac to plug those in.

    For me, audio is the highest priority and nothing less than a 5.1 setup would work for me and I wouldn't feel like my computer was better unless I had a better/equal to sound system. What are some ideal 5.1 speakers that would work functionally and aesthetically to match the sleek iMac look? Could someone give me some info about the built-in speakers as well? I know they can't compete with externals and I don't expect it, but some information about them would be cool.

    Second, and probably the most important function of a computer: how often does your Mac crash on you? I have honestly not found many sources online that talk about crashing on Macs, and while I'd love for that to be true, I know computers are still computers and will always find a way to get a hiccup or two.

    I like Windows 7 a lot, but I feel like a big jump from what I know well (XP) into something that tries to be more user-friendly like a Mac is, I am wondering if a Mac is just the way to go. My first computer was actually a Mac, back in 1998 or so and I'll admit I did not like it much because it kept crashing on a regular basis, more than any Windows I have had in subsequent years.

    My computer I am running now is good, I am happy with it, but when the time comes I might want to reinvent my computer ways with a Mac, and this iMac seems like the ideal candidate for me. I do love Apple products like the iPod and I am wondering if that "awesome" feel carries over just as much as it does on the actual desktop computer.

    Also, just if it helps anybody: I was looking at the core 27" model, but I would not purchase until an announcement of a refresh.

    Thank you and I appreciate it! So just to recap this post, I was wondering about:

    1.) Speakers that are at least 5.1 that work best with iMac and match the iMac appearance
    2.) Details about software/hardware crashes and the times they tend to happen
    3.) How often does the "awesome" feel last after getting your computer to the subsequent years to come?
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    Jun 3, 2010
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    1. You can use Logitech Z-5500's on an iMac - you use a toslink optical cable. The headphone jacks on iMacs are actually hybrid digital/analog plugs. Specifically, you use an optical cable with a toslink mini-jack on one end. A 2.5mm jack, the same size as headphone jacks but are a hairs-breadth longer than one. I would know, it's how I used my Z-5500's on my iMac ;)

    2. My iMac was crashing for a while a couple weeks back but that was because of an unstable 3rd party driver for a device I don't really need to use. I stopped using the device and now my iMac is stable - no issues here. Keep in mind that I push my machines to do what I want. Never turn them off, try to avoid rebooting as much as possible. All while using apps like XCode, Blender, Photoshop, and Flash.

    3. A few days? :p I can't remember, I'm talking through experience on a 2006 iMac. So I can't recall specific things like that from 4 years ago :p

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