Questions about the app "2do"


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Jun 20, 2009
The reviews seem to point to this one as the best. With this Application, can you create a grocery list to do list?

I like the Wunderlist one right now, but I'm leaning towards getting the 2Do app.

Also, what's the main difference in 2Do and ToodleDo apps?



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Jul 12, 2010
I was going to try wunderlist but it seems you need to make an account which put me off.

I use the 2do app daily. Yes you can create a grocery list, any sort of check list and have it reoccur again on specific dates in the in the future etc. For me it was a bit confusing at first because it does pack quite a few features but it has a nice tutorial if needed. I got it because it was a universal app, was on sale at the time, looks fantastic and offers all the features you'd need and more.


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I use it on both my iPhone and iPad all the time.

As mentioned, though the GIU interface looks nice, it CAN be quite confusing at start with all these packed features. Once you learn to use it, it's so much better than the Toodledo app, which I also bought.

If you find 2Do too feature rich and confusing; an app like Toodledo probably is better for you.

But I found I missed some advanced features in Toodledo, which 2Do has, so I made the switch and haven't looked back :)

2Do can sync with both google and
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Nov 15, 2005
I've tried a few. And it's hard to get one that isn't too complicated.

People rave about Omnifocus. But it's WAY too easy, and I mean seriously easy to loose a job. Particularly if there's no due date or start date. Unless you go specifically looking for it under a context (Of which doesn't display numbers of jobs under them. If it did it might be easier).

ToDo isn't to bad, simple, bit easier, syncs with a lot of Apps, but I personally don't like how it looks.

Wunderlist did nothing but keep exiting for me on the iPad. So I haven't really used it that much. Which is a shame because it looks great. Has an App for each system. Windows, Mac you name it. Thing with Wunderlist too, is the Notes section. I'm on a bloody iPad. Give me some room for notes. Make it take up the whole screen while I'm editing. Would make it a lot better but at the moment it's like it's made for the iPhone and it's tiny.

RTM (Remember the Milk) Is quite good, it works well.

2Do is good, I like how you can have multiple calendars, password protect them. But it can be a little complicated, there's just massive amounts of options. Which is good, but can be daunting.

Things. I've used it for a while on my Mac, they've promised cloud syncing for an unbelieveably long time. It's apparently out soon, the cost is high, but it's one that I constantly use because there's just something simple and elegant about it.

Toodledo was alright too, but the layout needs some work.


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Jul 22, 2005
I've been using 2do for ages now, it's excellent. Yes, it is a bit 'feature heavy', which can make it a bit complex, but the plus side of that is that when you need a feature it's generally there waiting. Also, you can customise most things, so you can hide a lot of the stuff you don't need.

I guess I could put it like this: you need to invest a little time (not lots, but definitely 15 minutes) looking at how it works, and getting it the way you want it. With a very simple app, you won't need to do that. But it's absolutely worthwhile, because you'll then have a seriously good app, that does all the stuff you need.

And while we're all describing it as 'complex' and 'feature heavy'... it's not THAT bad. I mean, it's a fraction of the complexity of the average desktop app. But it's a bit more than just a simple task list, because it supports multiple calendars, projects, check lists, reminders and such (all useful things to have!)
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