Questions about the Intel switch video.

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by appleguy123, Aug 13, 2009.

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    I have only been watching the Apple rumors community since a year or so after teh intel switch and have some questions about the jokes and laughes in this video:
    First: What is funny about the switch from 68k to the PowerPC chips (@ 32 seconds).
    Second: What is the graphic at 2:44?
    Third: What powerPc products did Apple make after WWDC '05? (Reference from 3:30)
    Fourth: What the heck is funny about Steve drinking water @ 4:26
    Fifth: What type of rumors were there about OS X working on intel processors back then? (Reference to 4:47)
    Sixth: What is the humor in Apple's campus when it is sown @ 4:58
    seventh: @ 5:36 how long did the Rumor Community know about OS X being
    compiled for intel and PowerPC chips because it seemed to get a few laughs out of people.
    Eighth: @6:10 Did Apple build a HA\ackintosh or something and were people Hackintoshing Intel machines before Steve officially announced the intel switch?
    Ninth: How in the world did they get 3.6Ghz when we don't even get that now? (excuse the ignorance I'm almost sure its obvious)
    Thanks for your insight in advanced!
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    1. No idea wasn't around at the time, I think it is in reference to the fact that Steve was not working for apple at the time
    2. It is a processor.
    3. Mac Pro - Switch from dual processor to dual core and dual processor dual core (quad), possibly a bump in the XServe line as well.
    4. No idea, more about the two challenges than drinking water.
      With other rumours along the way.
    6. The laughter was for the "There have been rumors" part.
    7. It was generally known towards the end that the transition was pretty much set but it was not known that Apple had been doing this throughout OS X.
    8. Apple built developer machines, essentially Power Macs cases but with a Pentium 4 inside so that people could write and test their applications on intel machines. These were $999 rented machines
    9. The Pentium 4 (old intel architecture) could be clocked very high. However it was reaching a limit of how fast they could make it, they moved to a newer architecture which gives greater speeds at lower clock rate. It is the older megahertz myth.

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