Questions about web programming native applications and MAMP Pro


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May 2, 2011
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For all the web programmers out there, how do you find using MAMP Pro?

Also, what do you guys think about creating a native application using web programming languages, along with HTML5 and CSS3? I thought about it because of the PhoneGap service that I have discovered weeks ago. I just wanted to have your thoughts about it.

Thanks guys!

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Aug 28, 2008
Mamp, Xamp and its derivatives have a strong use case on Windows where there is no native apache nor MySQL.

On OSX Apache and php are available out of the box (on both Desktop and Server). MySql installs in a few seconds. The only benefit of mamp is in the configuration, which is preconfigured. On the other hand configuring apache and mysql is no big deal, just google for it and you will find plenty of information.
Updating OSX becomes interesting as you have the native apache and mysql in parallel with the MAMP-apache and the MAMP-mysql. So you need to check twice if the update will be compatible with your application. If you stick with the native apps you can check on the apple discussion boards for any bugs found a few days after an update became available. That will give you some confidence for your migration planning.

MAMP requires an admin user so that is no benefit. There are some pork-arounds using fast user switching but you still will need to juggle file and folder permission between www user and your own user.

I personally don't see a need to use mamp or similar on OSX, but YMMV.

I have never used phone gap so I will be silent about it. In general web based app do have their benefits and use cases. That purely depends on your needs and wants ;)


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Jul 30, 2010
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MAMP is ideal if you're starting out, as it's easy to install and everything is in the one place. This means if you're not so savvy with OSX's inbuilt apache and mysql installations you don't really need to worry about it getting everything up and running.

I used XAMPP for a bit and then moved over to MAMP PRO because the interface is a lot friendlier.
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