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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by davyvfr, Feb 20, 2013.

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    Sep 3, 2012

    I have an Airport Express 2012 model and a MacBook Pro Mid 2012. I have a few questions about Wifi performance:

    1) If my router is nearby a lot of wifi networks all using up the channels, will this decrease my transmit rate on my MacBook Pro? (This problem is only the 2.4GHZ band)

    2) When directly connected, I can achieve 115mbps but on the 5GHZ band, my MacBook can only get 50mbps. My router is set to auto-band.
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    It has the potential to, particularly if people are actively using their networks.

    What's the question? The Airport Express ethernet port supports up to 100 mbps connections. Wireless N at 5 GHz theoretically goes to 450 mbps, but I haven't heard of anyone reaching near that. Using an Airport Extreme I get roughly double what you're seeing, but I can't find any information on whether the Airport Express has the same number of antennas as the Airport Extreme.
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    If you are suffering from local interference, try changing the channel...By default it's set to auto, but you can experiment by changing the value and seeing if things improve...The 5GHZ band is generally better and I use it all the time...To the best of my knowledge, the rest of my neighbourhood is using 2.4GHZ so I get away from them using the higher band.

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