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  1. fahad5022, Aug 19, 2014
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    Aug 20, 2012
    if you have ever used snow leopard please complete reading if not, you can not understand

    is Yosemite good ?
    is it fast ?
    do you feel that you are using mac?

    i do not care about how it is look like what i do care about is the strength !

    i want it like snow leopard ?

    can apple do like it ? ​
  2. Baklava macrumors 6502a


    Feb 1, 2010
    Short answer: Yes.

    Long answer: Yosemite is still in beta of course but DP5 and yesterdays DP6 update seems pretty stable to say that it is a strong OS. But I would stick with Mavericks until the retail version of Yosemite is released. Snow Leopard is still my favourite OS since now. But considering the compatibility issue of apps you have to upgrade to a more modern OS sooner or later. Mavericks was for me the best experience in terms of performance after SL and to me it seems that Yosemite follows its path. To avoid some lags here and there I disabled most of the animations via Terminal commands (like I did in Mavericks) and disabled all transparency effects introduced with Yosemite (I don't care about the look that much, either).
  3. bmac89, Aug 19, 2014
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    Aug 3, 2014
    I still run Snow Leopard on my Imac (2009) and Macbook (2010) and probably won't upgrade either yet. However I am trying out the Yosemite Beta installed on an external hard drive and particularly like the following:

    Safari (I wish I could install the new Safari on SL)
    Fullscreen mode (I can live without this but it is a nice feature)
    I like the look a lot but am happy to stick with SL for now as it runs smoothly and everything is quick on my system. There are also some minor changes in all of the OS after SL which I don't like but at the moment SL still does the job well for me.

    I have found that Yosemite Beta takes a long time to boot but this is probably due to running it off an external usb drive. It also is slower but again this is probably due to the usb drive and despite my computer fitting the minimum requirements, the 2gb RAM is probably in need of an upgrade before I would move to Yosemite.

    Whilst some of the integration between OSX and IOS is great, my biggest fear for future releases of OSX is that Apple will merge OSX too closely with IOS to the point that the imac becomes nothing more than a non-portable Iphone with a big screen.

    I hope Apple doesn't neglect the large section of people who buy the mac computers for creative work such as photography, movies, design, music etc... and turn it into a big bulky iGadget.

    Having said that my limited experience trying out Yosemite... it does still feels like a Apple operating System, it looks and feels good, but for the time being I will stick with Snow Leopard.
  4. nikicampos macrumors 6502a

    Jul 23, 2011
    For me Snow Leopard was the best OS X ever, I know the way you feel, don't know if its been too long since I used SL, but after Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks, even in Beta, I really think Yosemite feels more like SL, and truly believe once it's released to the public, it could be be even better than SL.

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